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Recent news

European COST Action Working Group Workshop on Digital Archaeology, University of Cologne
September 2018


Thanks to the COST Action Working Group for including SEEDD in its workshop about the future of digital archaeology!

Lecture at Unlocking the Provinces, Toronto
January 2017


See founder Anne Chen talk about the historiographic factors that have led to the marginalization of Southeastern European archaeology in mainstream Anglophone narratives of Roman history, and how SEEDD aims to mitigate that marginalized status. 

Lecture at Boston University

December 2015


We're at it once again--spreading the word about Roman archaeology in Southeastern Europe! This lecture is free and open to the public, so if you're in the Boston area and curious about the SEEDD Project, join us!


Thanks to the BU Archaeology Department for the invitation to share our work!


Lecture at the Serbian American Museum St. Sava, Chicago

October 2015


Many thanks to the Serbian American Museum for the warm welcome and the opportunity to introduce the Chicago community to our work! Held on the evening of October 22nd, the lecture was the first lecture for SEEDD in the Chicago area and is part of our team's on-going out-reach efforts. 


Plans are in progress with museum staff to co-organize an exhibition of artifacts from the site of Romuliana--one of SEEDD's target sites. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development!


Field Season One Complete!

August 2015


The SEEDD team has just returned to the States after a successful first field season! Our warmest thanks to all the organizations and individuals who made our work possible.


Season highlights include:

Data gathering at Felix Romuliana, Niš, Mediana, Timacum Minus

GIS mapping at Felix Romuliana

3D modeling of objects from Felix Romuliana

Contract negotiations with Serbian institutional partners

Lecture at the National Museum Zaječar


An Introductory Lecture at the National Museum Zaječar
August 2015


On August 6th, the SEEDD team had the opportunity to speak to an audience gathered in the National Museum Zaječar about the project's goals, methodology, and plans for the future. Thanks to all those who turned up to listen! 


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